Valve Fugitive Emissions Testing

Valve Fugitive Emissions Testing

AEA VALVE’s Fugitive Emission (FE) valves provide an effective solution for severe service applications by limiting the leakage of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere.

By exceeding the stringent fugitive emission requirements of ISO 15848,API 622 specifications, AEA Valves deliver increased personnel safety, reduced environmental concerns, and compliance with industry and other regulations.


Reliable – Proven Master Flo choke technology with a robust, engineered sealing system that ensures long life with low 

maintenance requirements.

Durable – Completed 60,000 mechanical cycles to achieve CC2 endurance class.

Maintenance Free – Environmental seals are continuously energized, eliminating the need for mechanical packing 


No Special Processes – Optimized design eliminates the requirement for any surface hardening and coating systems to 

maintain an effective seal.

Independently Qualified – Type testing of AEA VALVE was completed off-site at a renowned third-party facility.